PT. Dattel Indonesia


Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement

Provide on-site Preventive Maintenance by arrangement with us. Preventive Maintenance shall be rendered on a monthly or quarterly basis between monday to sunday and may include tasks, such as

  • Complete visual inspection of the equipment.
  • Hardware performance check.
  • Software checks such as size of files, clean-up data.
  • Existence of updated back-ups.
  • Risk identification for known software irregularities.
  • System check for safety or redundancy mechanisms.

We shall provide you Corrective Maintenance on an 8-hour per day (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), 5-day per week (Monday – Friday) basis. Corrective Maintenance shall consists of an on-line or on-site technical support for problem resolution, including repair of faulty product parts. We shall provide the Corrective Maintenance when regularly scheduled maintenance personnel are not on duty


Standard Maintenance Agreement

Quarterly or Monthly on-site Preventive Maintenance during normal working time which is understood to be any day between Monday to Friday at anytime between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Annual cleaning after normal working time to be mutually scheduled by the parties. Corrective Maintenance during normal working time. Overtime fee shall be charged for maintenance services rendered beyond the normal working time. On non-trouble-related inquiries, Dattel Indonesia shall provide on-phone and on-site technical assistance during normal working time.

Call Out Service (On Call Basis Service)

  • Normal On-site response time : Within 2 working days or subject to the availability of a Field Engineer.
  • On-Line Response Time : Within 8 working hours or subject to the availability of a Technical Assistance/ Remote Maintenance Engineer.
  • Immediate On-Site Response Time : Within 1 working day.
  • Off-hour On-site Response Time : Within 8 hours.